Puppetry of highest calibre, where visual perspective of the audience gets twisted into other planes of being by the radiant dance of light creations. This is where wonders - big and small alike - become something more than a star to wish upon!

Flames enchant, terrify, keep us warm and dare us to come closer. Their mere presence intrigues all, and the blazing whirlwinds keep eyes from straying away during a performance. Duality of fire is the perfect tool for us to create and share our stories. What kind? That's up to You!

"Blūzs, domājot par Čaku" is a theatrical perfomance with live music, where actor Ivars Brakovskis is telling a story using Aleksandrs Čaks poetry.

Language - latvian. 

+371 25939446

Brīvības iela 137,  Rīga, Latvia

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